Sunday, 8 September 2013

Kick Ass

Had a lovely date with my boyfriend and watched Kick Ass 2. It was such a great film! 
I have this very bad outlook on clothing + shoes. I try to avert mainstream clothing, resulting in the neglect of perfectly fine items. It is such an egotistic thing to do and I am attempting to break this mindset, and so, the other day I put on my coltranes and walked out the door.
I was quite upset because many of my friends shunned me due to this bizzare, school like shoe a few years back. Now, every shoe store I see stock these Jef Campbells - Balenciaga copies. It's okay, I still love my babies.

Thrifted dress, Jef Campbell shoes, Sportscraft bag
Hope you are all well! 
Thalia x

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